Teaching a Beginners Kettlebell Class

Check Trainer’s Credentials
The first thing to check would be your trainer’s qualifications and experience. Just anybody can start a gym but a genuine Sunshine Coast trainer will have educational certificates and real-life references to prove his mettle.

This is vitally important because only an authentic trainer can provide proper guidance on doing your workouts correctly. It is crucial for you to learn all the correct moves so that you do not overstress or injure yourself.

Check for Movement Coaching
Kettlebell training requires movements with heavy equipment. A responsible trainer will therefore always insist on you first learning the basic motions correctly and then moving on to more complex workouts.

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This will take time and you must be ready to commit yourself for at least six months for best benefits. Avoid classes where the trainer promises quicker results without any preliminary initiation.

Check for Safety
Before signing up, ensure that the fitness training class you join does not admit just anybody blindly. A course that insists on safety will always check the client profile for fitness level and other ailments before thrusting just any workout on you. The trainer here will tweak workouts and combine movements to suit individual clients of all age, gender and fitness level.

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