Personal Trainer Shares Boot Camp Tips

If you are looking to challenge your mind and body during a workout, you should join a Boot Camp. Composed of alternate routines of personal trainers and running, it gives you a workout that is intense, and which leaves you breathless. Of course the end result is worth it when you find you have chiselled legs and great toned abs. Just make sure your coach has done their personal training course they are the best trainers.

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Body challenges

Because boot camp is challenging each and every body muscle, you will feel its intensity and burn. With a little bit of rest in between each set of exercises you are otherwise on the move for a full hour. The result is you burn calories by the hundreds, even after stopping.

An’ anyone’ exercise

Joining boot camp is good for anyone. Whether you are strong, excelled in fitness, weak or even not too fit, if you have the determination you can do it. Sometimes local gyms offer classes which can be adapted to boot camp exercises. So if you do not have a special boot camp to go to, you can get the same benefits at your local gym.

Take up the challenge

When you enter a boot camp, the doors are normally shut and the air-conditioning shut off. This creates a heated atmosphere, almost liking working out in a desert. It can be a bit difficult to get started but when the sweat gathers on your face and pours down, you know that this heat coupled with the repetitious exercises are helping your body to tone up.

It is the quick motion that starts to burn the calories, resulting in losing around 600 calories in about one hour. That is exactly how boot camp benefits you. The bursts of cardio exercises mixed with strength training helps to give your body a great workout burning off unnecessary fat.

Quicker Results

Boot camp is known to be very effective when it comes to attaining fitness and health goals in the quickest way possible. If you tried to lose weight on your own, you would go through session after session, repeating the same exercises which might take ages to show any improvement.

A good few people might find boot camp a challenge because it is so demanding. But once you understand the benefits that joining boot camp can bring about, you will find that the demanding sessions you have to go through are totally worth it.


Joining a boot camp you will be able to connect the benefits of a good fitness level, nutrition and diet and your other healthy choices with regard to your lifestyle, and realise the importance of your health as a whole. This kind of total good feeling will not be available if you go through the normal exercise routine in a gym on a regular basis.

Such training might offer you a good way to keep in shape, but may not imbibe in you a sense of responsibility. When at boot camp you will be expected to demonstrate determination and effort as also commitment, helping you to take up the challenge.

You get more and more involved in an effort to make your trainer proud, prove to others you are up to it, and lastly, enjoy the success you are achieving.

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