Personal Development.

If you have ever said :

Then Be Master of Your Life personal development
is what you are looking for.

Be Master of your Life offers you the life skills you need to master:

  • Self Awareness
  • Insight
  • Mind Power
  • Empowerment
  • Abundance
  • Expand your World

For many of us it is not enough to simply have a life as it happens for better or worse.

We find it essential to get the most we can out of life, to be the best we can.

Of course, you may already be happy with your life - but are you in control of it?

You may be successful in some areas of your life, but why not be successful in all aspects of your life?

This personal development course recognizes that you are unique.

You have a unique mission in life!

You have unique talents to achieve your mission.

You have a unique destiny of success.

You can be in control, not just of yourself, but also of all that happens around you and happens to you. However first it is necessary to understand your own unique abilities, that is - who you really are.

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to be lucky!

Their ability to attract into their life whatever they desire seems almost magical.

These people, whether consciously or not, have harnessed the secret of their own unique inborn natural intuitive and mental abilities which we all have.

In other words, they have Mastered their uniqueness, their life!

Knowledge, experience and life are like a jigsaw puzzle. When you fit all the pieces together in the correct manner, you end up with a beautiful picture - a successful happy life.

If the puzzle doesn't fit together well, then some of the pieces are wrongly placed and it is time to change them.

Your life should be an exciting picture, without borders, ever growing from the inside out.

This personal development site sets out Insight Concepts coupled with three Empowerment Techniques to clear your path to success, and complete the beautiful picture of your life.

Thus in an easy way you can learn to "Be Master of Your Life".

Being Master of your Life means :-

  • Having a clear vision of your Life Path.
  • Having control of cause and effect in your life.
  • Being in charge of your personal and professional life.
  • Having the power to attract your life partner.
  • Having the power to heal yourself.
  • Being aware of and using your intuition.
  • Knowing who you are and what you really want.
  • Letting Universal Law operate in your life.
  • Not just living your life, loving your life.

In other words, Be Master of your Life personal development means having sovereignty over your world.

Richard Philippe

Latest News

Things You Should Watch Out For When Choosing Your Personal Training Qualifications

Effect on body composition

Your metabolism gets boosted because more calories are burnt during the rest period – resulting in less body fat and increase in muscle build-up. The stronger your muscles are there is less likelihood of your experiencing any injury. The increase in strength and bone density will also help to reduce any knee and back pain.

A good personal trainer will ensure your workouts aim at building strong tendons, ligaments and muscles. Many fitness trainer qualifications will teach you correct program design to prepare your clients for strenous activity.


General health benefits:

  • Lowering of cardiovascular disease risk
  • Reducing the risk of insulin requirements and diabetes
  • An increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and a decrease in LDL (bad cholesterol).
  • Less chances of developing osteoporosis
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Control of anxiety and stress
  • Reduced symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Because of reduction in high levels of estrogen, it lowers the risk of getting breast cancer
  • Reduced exposure to illness and colds.

Guidelines when going in for strength training:

As mentioned above strength training is better done with the guidance of a personal trainer. The workout should consist of slow and sustained stretches with proper warming up and cooling down sessions. The breathing technique is important i.e. you should exhale, not hold your breath when reaching the pinnacle of exertion.

When you are using weights the movements should always be controlled. Momentum should not be used to swing weights – proper technique needs to be used. If not, it can slow down your progress or worse still cause some injury. The equipment used should be of good standard and properly maintained. Also remember to work out in clothes made of natural fibres and preferably use many clothing layers.


Always search for fitness certifications in Malta that offer a face to face proactical examiniation, there are many personal training campuses out there that just run theory exams, this will not prepare you well for personal training in the real world.

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